• BODY WASH - Purification
  • BODY WASH - Purification

BODY WASH - Purification


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Energy Benefits: Nurturing, Nourishing, Transforming, Grounding

The name is synonymous with the mother of all living thing. Yemoja is the Universal Mother. This energy rules over women and motherhood. It is housed in the salt waters of the Earth. All life forms begin in the salted water of the womb. This is the feminine energy that gave birth to the stars, the moon, the sun, and almost all elements of life. The energy of these seven carefully selected Yemoja favored herbs, lift the body and energy vibration into a state of nurtured calm, and grounded knowing. The energy of the Great Mother nurtures and nourishes. This is a great bedtime blend that allows your entire being to be nurtured as you rest. As a morning wash, it nourishes and prepares you for the demands of the day.

Use when you’re…

  • Feel the need for self-nurturing or to be nurtured
  • When confidence or courage is waning or lacking
  • Need a daily “pick-me-up”
  • Having any type of healing bodywork performed (Massage, EFT, Reiki)

Iyanla blends this powerful blend for all “motherless children,” and those who often feel that way. Although mothers are expected to be gentle and nurturing, they must also be fierce. That is the intention behind this blend - - - to bring the gentle, nurturing energy of the universal mother into your energy field, in a fierce and powerful way. When a mother stands her ground on behalf of her children, here are few things that will not yield. Using this blend reminds you that you are always covered and protected by the Great Mother. The end result is a gentle cleanser that reminds you to “fear not” and go your way with courage and confidence.

Iyanla's Therapeutic Herbal Blend Includes: 

Angelica Root; Albahca; Hyssop; Yarrow; Spanish Moss; Flor de Agua; Balm of Gilead; Evening Primrose Oil, Black Currant Powder; Essential Oils; Melissa, Ylang Ylang, and Food Grade Fragrance Oils


Let's be honest; there is something magical about fragrance. A single scent has the ability to influence your mood, trigger memories, alleviate stress, and so much more. This exotic and sweet scent mixed with Fresh Citrus notes and a hint of Sage is a delicious tropical fragrance that screams of its purity.


Use whenever you long for or, need to be nurtured, nourished or grounded. Each bottle offers an affirmation that Iyanla has penned for you. For best results, repeat the mantra as you cleanse your body and energy.

Created With:

Distilled Water, African Black Soap, Jojoba Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Essential Oils, Stabilizer (Polysorbate-20), and Vegetable Glycerin

During the winter months, you may discover that your Body Wash thickens or hardens. This is quite normal because of the Shea Butter in the product. If this should happen, simply run the bottle under hot water or, add a little hot water to the blend and it will loosen up.

8 fluid ounces with a convenient dispensing cap

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