• Getting to Know You Kit

Getting to Know You Kit


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 2  4 oz.  Body Wash
4 oz. Purification Body Butter or AfterGlow (We will choose the blend)

4 oz body butters have been sold out, kits will receive the AfterGlow

ENERGY BENEFITS: Breaking, Eliminating, Dissolving, Discharging

MasterPeace Body Wash Blends are a contribution to elevation of energy in our society.  Our Body Washes are made with African Black soap, free from harsh chemicals that can deplete your physical energy.  Instead, our washes moisturize, clarify and tone your skin. The herbs and oils in each of our blends release or neutralize toxic energies that are present in the environment.  Each blend is scented, to impact the central nervous system, changing and charging the energy of the mental and emotional body that can alter and elevate your mood and mindset.

MasterPeace Body Butters are a luxurious blend of butters, are a rich source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids. When absorbed into your skin, they instantly transform dry, dehydrated, chapped skin into silky smooth, super-hydrated, nourished, younger looking skin.  Infused with a blend of Shea Butter, Coco Butter, Mango Butter and Raw Coconut Oil and other natural oils and extracts, this super hydrating, highly restorative body butter provides long-lasting moisturizing and ultra-hydrating benefits for the skin, while attracting good vibes and energy your way. Our blends are not only good for you, they feel good on you, and they help you feel good.

AfterGlow Shower Oil - Light Texture, Non-Staining, Rapid Absorption are just a few ways to describe the benefits of this product.  What we really want you to know is that this combination of six natural oils are formulated to be used while you are still wet and, in the shower, will leave your skin soft, smooth and hydrated.  By applying After Glow before you towel off, you seal in the moisturizing effects of this luscious oil combination eliminating the need to speed through another 5 minutes applying lotion to those normally dry places like, elbows, knees and heals.  Wash up, oil on, rinse off is the AfterGlow Express morning service that turns an ordinary shower into a full-service body treatment that will get you out of the door, and on your way just a few minutes faster.

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