• Purification Duet
  • Purification Duet
  • Purification Duet

Purification Duet

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Energy Benefits: Cleansing, Clarifying, Improving, Amending

When performing deep energy work, it’s critical that you purify and protect the body’s energy field as these important channels are opened. This hand-selected blend of sacred herbs works synergistically to raise the energetic vibration of your aura. Sweep out the old and usher in the new with this cleansing wash that marries the power of African Black Soap with herbs and remedies from Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet.

Use when you’re…

  • Practicing meditation, yoga, or Tai Chi
  • Having any type of healing bodywork performed (massage, EFT, Reiki)

Iyanla blends her powerful homeopathic remedies with pure African Black Soap to create a natural body wash that cleanses the skin while clearing the energy. An ancient tradition originating with the Yoruba people of Nigeria, African Black Soap is created with shea butter, palm kernel oil, plantain peels, and cocoa pod ash in a rich tradition of wisdom and technique that’s been passed down from grandmothers and mothers through the generations. The village women sing, dance and pray throughout the creation process to infuse the soap with positive energy. The end result is a gentle cleanser that embodies the powerful wisdom of our elders while delivering gentle nourishment to the skin and soul.


Let's be honest; there is something magical about fragrance. A single scent has the ability to influence your mood, trigger memories, alleviate stress, and so much more. This exotic and sweet scent mixed with Fresh Citrus notes and a hint of Sage is a delicious tropical fragrance that screams of its purity.

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