• Quita Maldicion Collection

Quita Maldicion Collection

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(Body Wash, Salt Scrub and Room Spray)

The Quita Maldicion Collection

It can happen to the best of us.  We can and do attract negative and dark energies.  Sometimes, we bring them into life with us.  At other times, it can be the result of our thought patterns or behaviors.  At worse, negative energy can and will attach itself to our being just because . . . it’s in the air.  In any event, Quita Maldicion is the cure for those long-standing energetic and spiritual “cooties” that you may not be aware of or have not been able to shake or release.   In traditional healing communities, Quita Maldicion is known as; “curse breaker.” It is often recommended to address what are known as generational patterns or curses. It is just that powerful.

Energy Benefits: Stripping, Clearing, Dissolving, Removing

Collection Includes:

            Purchased Separately - $58.00
            Collection - $50.00 



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