BASIC Collection - Body Wash

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MasterPeace Body Therapy

MasterPeace Body Therapy products are a contribution to energy elevation in our society. Our Body Washes are made with African Black soap, free from harsh chemicals that can deplete your physical energy. Instead our washes moisturize, clarify and tone your skin. The herbs and oils in each of our blends release or neutralize toxic energies that are present in the environment. Each blend is scented, to impact the central nervous system, changing and charging the energy of the mental and emotional body that can alter and elevate your mood and mindset.

How It's Different

Each MasterPeace Body Wash is made with African Black Soap (ABS), which is known for its antibacterial skin cleansing properties. ABS is made with plantain skin ashes, cocoa pod leaves, palm leaves, palm kernel oil, and shea butter. These 5 simple, basic ingredients do an effective job of cleansing skin and hair without stripping away natural oils. The most exciting thing about ABS is that it is made by women. Women in Nigeria and Ghana have been making and selling African Black Soap for hundreds of years. It is just becoming commercially popular here in the US.


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