Envi-Room-Mentals Room Spray

All life is energy.

Starting your day with a focused thought & good energy makes the transition from home to work more peaceful

MasterPeace Room Sprays

All energy carries a vibrational frequency that has its own energy patterns and programming. One way we can change our mood, our experience, and our outlook is to change the frequency of our environment. This is the intention behind MasterPeace Environment-Room-Mentals.

How It's Different

These fantastic sprays made of herbal waters, essential oils, and infused with a variety of healing sounds, are tools that will surround you with higher energy frequencies. Delicately scented, our room sprays are perfect for use during prayer or meditation as well as in your bedroom, office, automobile, or any location where you wish to uplift the energy. We recommend that use gently spritz yourself and the room several times a day to create layers of energy to create an absolutely divine experience and sacred environment.


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