SPECIALTY Collection - Body Wash

Osain, the mystery and medicine of herbs

Honoring the cultural practices of her ancestors, Iyanla has endeavored to integrate the ancient wisdom of the Orisha culture with the needs of the modern world

MasterPeace Specialty blends are available to all but, are specifically formulated for those who walk the spiritual path of the Orisha culture. As an initiated practitioner of the Orisha tradition for more than 30 years, Iyanla has developed and deepened her love and respect for the tradition of Osain, the mystery and medicine of herbs. In Orisha culture, Osain is one of the most important elements because all ceremonies begin with preparation of the sacred herbal elixir used to consecrate people, instruments and the environment. In the Western world, this science and practice is known as, herbalism. This is the intention and purpose of each MasterPeace Specialty blend. 

MasterPeace Specialty Blends

Specialty blends include the same rich, moisturizing and nourishing African Black Soap base as the MasterPeace Basic Blends. The difference is the herbal combinations, and the process of preparation.

Each batch has its own personality and responds to the time (season) and energy (moon cycle) in which it is made. This may also mean that the scent varies from batch to batch although the basic formula of the scent will remain the same. What you will find is that each batch is richly moisturizing, and deeply nourishing to your body, mind and soul.


How to Choose

If you are new to the tradition or, not at all familiar with it, you are encouraged to read the descriptions carefully. If something strikes a chord within you, chances are you will benefit from the blend. The good news is, even if you don’t find a Specialty blend that seems right for you, the Basic blends are just a nurturing, nourishing and powerful. We also offer a convenient Discovery Kit that includes our best blends.

Iyanla continues to make by hand in the traditional way with prayer and song. It is our intention that all of our blends will support you as you clean your body, and clear your energy.



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