• ROOM SPRAY - Quita Maldicion
  • ROOM SPRAY - Quita Maldicion

ROOM SPRAY - Quita Maldicion

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Energy Benefits: Purging, Eliminating, Terminating, Transmuting

It can happen to the best of us. We can and do attract negative and dark energies. Sometimes, we bring them into life with us. At other times, it can be the result of our thought patterns or behaviors. At worse, negative energy can and will attach itself to our being because of the ill will/negative thoughts and actions of others. In any event, Quita Maldicion is the cure for those long standing spiritual “cooties” that you may not have been able to shake or release.


This spray is about the serious business of clearing “energy cooties” from your environment so, we gave it a serious, yet tranquil scent. Cool, crisp and blended to perfection, this fragrance captures the scent of deep, dark Patchouli combined with Cypress and Vetvert, with leafy green notes to create a true scent-sation! There are no florals in this dynamic unisex fragrance but trust us, you won’t miss them.


We recommend that use gently spritz yourself and the room several times a day to create layers of energy to create an absolutely divine experience and sacred environment.

Created With:

Quita Maldicion and Lemongrass Herbal Water; Apple Cider Vinegar; Essential Oils of Patchouli, Cypress and Vetiver, Food Grade fragrance oils.

8 fluid ounces with spray cap

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