Spirit of A Man

When masculine energy is stagnant or imbalanced, it can manifest as indifference, a lack of stamina or concentration, a spectacular rise and fall of moods and/or scattered energy.  More often than not, these physical symptoms and energetic imbalances demonstrated by men are caused by stress.  Our SOAM blend is formulated to address the stress related masculine energetic imbalance.  The concentration of nine herbs is intended to reduce stress while renewing and restoring the energy of optimism, joy, inspiration, self-expression and enthusiasm.  The combination of homeostatic essential and natural fragrance oils plays an important role in stress management and the reduction of the mental or emotional response to stress.  

Use when you …

  • Feel helpless, lethargic, lost, overwhelmed
  • Just want to refresh your energy
  • Feel/Think that everyone and everything seems to be pressuring you
  • Lose touch with what really matters to you
  • Are carrying hurt, anger or un-forgiveness that you are ready to release


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