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BODY WASH - Obatala


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Energy Benefits: Peace, Purification, Mental Clarity, Calming

The presence of Obatala in our lives brings clarity, calmness, peace and stability. This blend is formulated to imbue and impress the essence of Obatala onto your body, and into your energy field, and is the only blend in the MasterPeace family that is not made with African Black Soap. The herbal combination of this blend is a powerful daily wash for all initiates and non-initiates. It is also an excellent blend to alleviate stress and induce peaceful, restful sleep. Clarity and the ability to make right decisions require a cool, calm head. When facing a difficult decision, use this blend as a shampoo for 3-5 consecutive days. Ask that the presence of Obatala illuminate your consciousness so that you will see clearly the next most appropriate steps on your path. For the best results, use at night just before retiring. While showering, speak aloud your prayers and affirmations. Do not dry off with a towel, allow your body to air dry or, get into bed while the body is still damp.

Use when you’re…

  • You are studying for a test or required to read for long periods
  • You are involved in a creative project or creative work of any kind
  • Are engaged in any type of leadership role
  • When stress or commitments are interfering with normal sleep patterns/li>

As a daughter of Obatala, Iyanla has personally crafted this blend to meet her own needs. She is now sharing it with the world as a statement of love and respect. In Orisha culture, Obatala, king of the white cloth symbolizes character. It is a life quest to become and be “pure in character.” Obatala is characterized as a Wise Old Man. We all need wisdom in our lives. Obatala rules karmic justice. He urges us to fight for what is right, and to take responsibility for what we have done that is inappropriate, unfair or, misaligned with good character. When using this blend, pray aloud, and affirm your good. Call forth the character, clarity of purpose and disciplined behavior that will put you in alignment with the nature of Obatala. This is a gentle cleanser that embodies the powerful wisdom of our elders while delivering gentle nourishment to the skin and soul.

Iyanla's Therapeutic Herbal Blend Includes: 

Prodisiosa; Albahca; Jaguey; Bledo Blanco; Higuerta; Jicama; Salvia/White Sage; Guanabana/Sour Sop; blended with Abre Camino.


For this one, Iyanla pulled out all of the stops! For emotional wellness, Frankincense grounds and balances; centering the mind and calming the spirit. Iyanla has added to that some soft floral notes like Indian Jasmine, Hyacinth, and a rich sensual musk that will take you into an experience of comfort and tranquility.


Use daily with the affirmation that Iyanla has penned for you. For best results, use at night, just before retiring.

Created With:

Distilled Water, Goat Milk Soap, Shea Butter Soap, Jojoba Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Stabilizer (Polysorbate-20), Essential Oils of Jasmin, Hyssop, Helitrope, Fragrance Oils and Vegetable Glycerin.

During the winter months, you may discover that your Body Wash thickens or hardens. This is quite normal because of the Shea Butter in the product. If this should happen, simply run the bottle under hot water or, add a little hot water to the blend and it will loosen up.

8 fluid ounces with a convenient dispensing cap

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